BIG MONEY $1000 (100 PACK) Discon

BIG MONEY $1000 (100 PACK) Discon
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(100 Pack)

(Size: 9.5" x 4")

"Big Money! Big Money!" Those words are often heard on "Wheel of Fortune," and other popular game shows. Why do people say that? Because money can make us happy -- and don't let anyone tell you anything different. Who is happier, he who is poor, cold and hungry, or he who is rich, warm and full?

Think for a moment of all the good you could do if you were rich. It's the "love of money", not money, that is the root of all evil. If we love riches more than we love God -- Who allowed us to become rich -- then we are sinning.

When a rich man once asked Jesus how he could obtain everlasting life, Jesus asked him if he had kept the Ten Commandments. If he kept them, he would live forever. But this poor rich man loved his money more than he loved God. His own temporal happiness was more important to him, than his relationship to his Maker.

Have YOU kept the Ten Commandments? Let's look at a few: Have you ever lied? Be honest. That includes "fibs" and "white" lies? Have you ever stolen (the value of the article is irrelevant)? Have you ever committed adultery, or even desired to (if you lust, you commit adultery in your heart)? If you answered "yes," to each, then God sees you as a lying, thieving, adulterer at heart. He takes sin VERY seriously . . . and we haven't even looked at the other seven Commandments!

We have to face God's Law on Judgment Day, and He warns that every sin, every thought, word, and deed, will come out as evidence of our guilt. Listen to the voice of your conscience, and let it remind you of sins of the past. We are all guilty of violating His Law a multitude of times, yet, if we repent, God can forgive us because Jesus Christ stepped into the court-room 2,000 years ago and paid the fine for us. His death on the cross satisfied the Law we so blatantly transgressed.

At the same time, He also demonstrated how much God loves us. The Bible says, "God commended His love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us." He rose from the dead and defeated death. His shed blood can cleanse us of ALL sin.

God doesn't want you to go to Hell. Forget all your arguments, repent and put your trust in Jesus Christ, and be saved from God's wrath. Make Psalm 51 your prayer, then read the Bible every day, and always obey what you read. Remember God will never let you down. Thank you for taking time to read this.

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